PAGE is a strategic organization working towards creating an enabling environment for gender equity in education. Advocacy forms a critical component of this endeavor as it holds the potential to bring about gradual, long term changes in prevailing gender norms and mindsets regarding female rights and responsibilities as well as at the policy level.

We conduct advocacy at many different levels; at the grass roots, communities are encouraged to enroll out of school children, especially girls, through the use of community mobilizers as well as the provision of certain incentives. Targeted community campaigns, which include the use of social electronic and print media are also relied upon. At the policy level, we work with the government and present our research and policy papers.

Our current advocacy campaigns include:

Aim High – PAGE has launched a new mentoring initiative that aims to support and raise the aspirations of young girls in schools and colleges. We want to open their eyes to the possibility of the traditional and non-traditional careers they could pursue inspite of societal pressures and family discouragement, by sharing the personal and professional experiences of substantial, high achieving female role models who have struggled their way up in fields such as sports, science, technology, and politics to name a few.

16 Days of Activism Campaign – Our 16 days of activism campaign against gender violence and for the promotion of gender equity in education ran from 25th November to 10th December. Notably, it promoted the engagement of the youth through the recruitment of volunteers from universities. These volunteers organized activities around the theme of gender, in 7 different underprivileged schools in Islamabad.