Pakistan Girls Education Ambassadors Campaign

Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education is in search of Pakistan Girls Education Ambassadors — the men and women who dream of a better Pakistan, those who want to support the development with us and to be a part of this ambitious drive and lend their talent, voice and skills to shine a light in the world of girls illiteracy.

Our Ambassadors are the torchbearers – they shoulder the responsibility of advocating for girls education through community engagement and interaction. They are expected to be illuminating role models, concerned with stimulating girls’ education by mobilizing people and resources towards the dream of achieving education for every little girl.

It is a significant and meaningful voluntary position with an initial commitment of six months. However, we would love for you to remain part of our community for many months to come. We hope to build a network of dreamers and doers who are looking for the chance to dream and do, to have an idea and carry it forward with the passion and indomitable spirit that we at PAGE also have for cultivating girls’ education!

If you are looking for an opportunity to give back and pursue your passion through being part of the campaign.  If you are ready to become a leader, push your boundaries and create real change then you are just the person we are looking for.

What you believe to be possible will always come to pass – to the extent you deem it possible!

So join us. Let’s all turn the page towards a brighter and stronger tomorrow.

The Opportunity

As an Ambassador you will be part of a community and a network of like minded people, not just in Pakistan but across the globe. As an Ambassador you will be the first one to hear about opportunities with PAGE, and other exciting ways to make your contribution count. It is the perfect opportunity to join us, our network, be part of a national campaign. Remember we at PAGE are not afraid to push the boundaries.

Here’s What You Need to Know

We ask our ambassadors to set a goal of raising Rs.50, 000 which covers the cost of running an entire community school for one month. That’s a total of 100 girls attaining an education for a whole month!

This target might seem like a challenge and a daunting prospect, but it is achievable. When you take on more than you can handle  you accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could!

We at PAGE will be right there with you the entire time – Our team will teach you how to tell stories that inspire, how to use social media to your advantage, as well as the art of asking (without being afraid of a No)!

This is an opportunity to contribute towards betterment of Pakistan, an opportunity to change lives of girls who will never otherwise have the opportunity to get out of poverty and support the communities around them. Make Pakistan a better place because of your presence.