Non Formal Education (NFE)

Pakistan unfortunately has the second highest number of Out of school children in the world, raising serious concerns about future prospects for these children, especially girls.

The STAR SCHOOL Program is an exceptional model for providing education to Out of School Children, particularly focusing upon and seeking solutions to the problems faced by girls in their efforts to get education and transform their lives. These non-formal schools follow a non-formal accelerated learning program in which enrolled children complete their primary cycle of education (5 grades) in just three years. The models involve the participation of communities in removing physical, social, cultural and nancial barriers to access the quality education:

  • Community-sponsored buildings, usually dilapidated in condition but offered in goodwill, are refurbished to primary schools for ease of access for children
  • Communities are encouraged to enroll out of school children, especially girls.
  • A Child Tracking System is used to minimize drop outs through community mobilizers.In order to remove social and cultural barriers and increase access for adolescent and young girls, PAGE in collaboration with the American Refugee Committee (ARC) has endeavored to employ female teachers in the most marginalized and hardest to access communities. The STAR SCHOOL model is easy to replicate and scale across the country, building on the incredible assets that already exist within the communities. Providing equal opportunities to education to all community members, including those with special needs, STAR SCHOOL ensures strong community participation and ownership. PAGE is making all possible efforts to bring in more funds and resources to enlighten the lives of the little hidden stars in poor communities.