PAGE aims to bring together government officials, representatives of international and national organizations and agencies, as well as public and private sector participants on a single platform working together towards the achievement of education for all, especially girls in Pakistan. PAGE will provide a forum where all relevant stakeholders sit together to cope with the following challenges:

  • To realize and practically implement Article 25-A “Right to Education” of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • To bridge the gender gap in education,
  • To promote gender equity in education through specially designed need-based education models to achieve EFA/SDG’s in shorter duration
  • Provide innovation to future female leaders
  • To promote equality in education with special focus on helping girls transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty
  • Struggle for enrollment and retention in education

Vision is to transform the environment of girls’ education in Pakistan by bringing cultural and policy reforms through an ecosystem that can offer a world class education system that adapts to ever changing global skills needs, and builds respect, dignity and positive future perspectives for girls in Pakistan. We will be the catalysts for systematic innovations to help girls’ education meet the challenges of the 21st Century.