READ Pakistan – Library Establishment Program


PAGE in collaboration with READ Pakistan is embarking upon a project to set up libraries in schools around the country in an effort to promote literacy. While PAGE is involved in the initial setting up of the libraries, community support is being relied on for maintenance and upkeep.

5 pilot libraries have been established in different underprivileged schools around Islamabad. These include:

  1. Margalla Valley School G-12
  2. I am a Star School I-12
  3. Istaqlal & Malala School G-9
  4. Khurasan School I-10
  5. Syed Jamaludin Afghani High School, Fauji Colony, Rawalpindi

In 2017, the program is due to launch in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, where we are aiming to establish 500 libraries as a preliminary effort.