“The world is our canvas, a realm to bring out the creativity of 10 crore Pakistani girls, PAGE is a unified hope for girls’ education in Pakistan”


Launched at the World Innovation Summit for Education in 2013, the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) is committed to empowering Pakistani girls. Our vision is to create a society where girls have unhindered access to quality education, enabling them to play transformative roles. Through strategic partnerships, PAGE addresses challenges like extreme poverty and cultural barriers that impede girls’ education.

Collaborating with communities, governments, and organizations, PAGE ensures quality education and advocates at all levels for policy shifts and resource mobilization to improve girls’ access, especially from marginalized backgrounds.

Join PAGE in building a future where every Pakistani girl can dream big and secure a brighter future”.

“Pakistan is home to the mystic, virtuosity, magnificence, and tens of thousands of years of splendid human for te but it might also be a place that isn’t the same for everyone. It’s difficult to imagine that a world that works for all of us isn’t very similar for all of us but the opportunities are all around us and while we all hope for a better future for our world, PAGE is building a better future to build gender equity for our GIRLS’out the creativity of 10 crore Pakistani girls, PAGE is a unified hope for girls”

Our Vision

PAGE envisions Pakistan to be a place where every girl can aspire for a secure future and has sustained access to quality education through lobbying, innovative policies, and advocacy tools and techniques.

Our Mission

Creating a pragmatism of gender equality, improving the literacy and economic well-being of every Pakistani girl through education. Poverty and inequality keep millions of girls out of school and education can provide opportunities, values, and access to equal opportunities. PAGE aims to advocate for and support girls for the provision of unparalleled opportunities. We aim to be the catalysts for systematic innovations to help girls’ education meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Values

Our values are the inspiration and guide to everything we do. These values align our agenda and direct our plans and strategies for future endeavors.

PAGE is a not-for profit organization registered under the Trust Act 1882 (1349) in June 2014 and approved by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) in November 2018.