The ACHIEVE program is a collaborative effort between Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE), Prince’s Trust International, and financially supported by Zindigi Trust. Its primary goal is to empower girls through comprehensive education, focusing on both personal and academic development. Commencing with orientation sessions for students and parents, the initiative operates across three schools in Islamabad and Swat, engaging with 100 female students. Its curriculum encompasses confidence-building, communication, entrepreneurship, employability, and digital skills, prioritizing safety, engagement, and empowerment through exposure visits. Notable progress has been observed in enhancing the girls’ skills and boosting their confidence, accomplished through a design thinking process that actively integrates the girls’ voices and needs.



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Trust International

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Project Duration

Pilot Phase

Feb 2023 – Dec 2026





Young Girls



  • Transformation Impact: ACHIEVE pilot project achieves a significant milestone, bringing transformational change to vulnerable girls in the community.

  • Tailored Curriculum: Success attributed to a curated curriculum and design thinking approach catering to unique needs.

  • Positive Ripple Effect: Visible progress was observed with enhanced confidence, improved communication, and growing empowerment among the participants.

  • Active Engagement: Formerly marginalized girls are now active, enthusiastic learners challenging stereotypes.

  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, the program fosters safe, inclusive spaces for personal and social growth.

  • Inspiring Activities: Exposure visits and role model talks ignite aspirations beyond immediate challenges.

  • Catalyst for Change: The program goes beyond education, acting as a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of the participants.

  • Blueprint for Empowerment: ACHIEVE is not just a project but a beacon, potentially shaping a blueprint for wider community empowerment.

  • Project Value Additions: Digital Skills, Entrepreneurship and Budgeting/ managing money.

  • Experiencing the World of Work

    • Connecting girls to opportunities.
    • Setting them up for success in the world of work.
  • Girls Journey

    • I understand the achieve program
    • I feel safe in the space
    • I am valuables and so are my peers
    • I feel confident exploring my skills & interests• I can identify my strengths and skills
    • I can communicate my views
    • I have a network of peers
    • I can identify who can support me
    • I can advocate myself
    • I have role models
    • I know what skills I would like to develop
    • I make plans for my future


Focal Person

Mr. Naeem Abbas | Program Manager