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As a developing country Pakistan faces many challenges which must be addressed in order for the country to prepare global citizens and compete in the global market. While we are pressed with a number of issues, education remains one of the key issue that still requires major intellectual and financial investment. In Pakistan, over half of the 5-16 year olds are out of education, 55% of that are girls.

Girls in particular are faced by additional issues due to their gender such as cultural, religious, access and poverty. We therefore, focus on the most deprived, and create innovative solutions to overcome these barriers. We believe that on ground work is critical to reach out, engage and deliver but equally strategic work is required on policy level to bring changes in its true sense.

PAGE is an umbrella organisation working towards creating an enabling environment that ensures gender equity in quality education. PAGE acts as a platform for stakeholders, donors, policy makers and practitioners to come together and address the gender gap in education in Pakistan and to create solutions to overcome the broader challenges the education sector is facing.

PAGE aspires to act as a coordinating and facilitating body between Pakistani and international organizations to achieve efficient:

  • Partnership

  • Network

  • Advocacy

  • Capacity Building

  • Innovation

  • Fundraising

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Partnership

  • Network

  • Advocacy

  • Capacity Building

  • Capacity Building

  • Innovation

  • Fundraising

  • Entrepreneurship

PAGE aims to create a reality of gender equality, one where more women are increasingly entering the education system, one where women are earning more qualifications, one where women are participating equally in decision making and one where women are acquiring leadership roles by building more schools and training more teachers and by improving coordination among the relevant departments, elected representatives, donors, civil society organizations and communities (including parents).


Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education – PAGE initiative was launched by the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists on the side lines of 2013 World Innovation Summit for Education – WISE in Doha, Qatar. 2013 WISE Summit was attended by number of prominent public and social sector leaders from Pakistan including the Minister of State for Education, Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman; Minister for Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muhammad Atif Khan; Higher Education Commission Executive Director, Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed; The Citizen Foundation Founder, Mushtaq Chhapra; AMAN Foundation CEO, Ahsan Jamil; Joint Secretary Education, Muhammad Rafique Tahir; Deputy Secretary Education, Mukhtar Paras Shah; and many other Pakistani delegates.
“The alliance aims to turn a new page for girls by creating an enabling environment that ensures gender equity in access to education. WISE summit is indeed the perfect setting to launch PAGE as the project aligns with the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of delivering quality education to millions of  children across the world.” said the founding chair of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, Dr. Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh Al Thani.

The secretariat of Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education is housed at the ARC country office in Islamabad.


To transform the environment of girls’ education in Pakistan by bringing cultural and policy reforms through an ecosystem that can offer world class education system to adapt to ever changing global skills needs, build respect, dignity and positive future perspectives for girls in Pakistan. We will be the catalysts for systematic innovations to help girls’ education meet the challenges of the 21 st Century.


PAGE aims to bring together government officials, representatives of international and national organizations and agencies, as well as public and private sector participants on a single platform working together towards the achievement of education for all, especially girls in Pakistan. PAGE will provide a forum where all relevant stakeholders will sit together to cope with the following challenges:

  • To realize and practically implement Article 25-A “Right to Education” of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • To bridge the gender gap in education
  • To promote the gender equity in education through specially designed need based education
    models to achieve EFA/SDG’s in shorter duration
  • Provide innovation to future female leaders
  • To promote equality in education with special focus on girls
  • Struggle for enrolment and retention in education

Scope of Engagement

1. Map Girls Education providers across Pakistan

2. Sharing effective models of delivery including Community Engagement, curriculum and advocacy

3. Mobilize resources through fundraising and in kind support

4. Introduce Social Entrepreneurship in Education to promote long term sustainability

5. Facilitate Policy Reforms Forums and Research

6. Create Volunteer Database

7. Provide Capacity Building Support through Training

Benefits of Membership

  • Free entry to events

  • Inclusion in research

  • Receive Membership Communication

  • Use of Logos on events of the Alliance

  • Access to advice for Social Entrepreneurs

  • Access to discounted training & workshops

  • Access to Girls Education Community Champions

  • Opportunity to apply as delivery partners of education

  • Notification on any funding opportunity regarding Education

  • Support in the allocation of resources from the partners of Alliance if available.

  • Access to data and advanced reporting that can help researchers and larger institutions map out OOSC and evaluate the effectiveness of the education system

Membership Criteria

To be a member you must be:

1. Delivering Education to Girls in Pakistan

2. A not for profit organization, duly registered with the Government of Pakistan as:
a. Trust
b. Non-Governmental Organization under the Social Welfare Department
c. Registered with SECP under Section 42

3. Have at least 1 year of audited accounts (Medium & Large Organizations).
Small organization may submit 1 year accounts.

Membership Fee

Small Organization


Medium Organization


Large Organization


Payment Conditions

Please submit payment to:
Pak Alliance for Girls Education
Account #: PKR: 0102389286801
Branch Code: 0804
Bank Address: Al Baraka Bank(Pakistan) Limited
Blue Area, branch Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Within 5 days of submission of application, your application will be processed once payment has been
  • Please call our office on 051-8443301 to confirm once payment has been made or scan and email the
    receipt of payment to membership@page.org.pk
  • All due taxes apply accordingly.


  1. Once your completed application has been received with due payment, the Alliance will process your application within 14 working days.
  2. The team will be in touch with you if further documents are required.
  3. Once your application is processed, your organization’s details will be published on our website and all
    our Social media portals.