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UK Registered Charity # 1185727

23 Girls

16 Boys

established since March 2019


“RAISING MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education because Kids are going to school hungry.”

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‘The cycle of illiteracy must be broken’

Pakistan has made wonderful strides in improving access to education over the years, especially in rural areas. Change comes slowly, but with entire communities involved, an upsurge of demand and informed debate, and engagement the dream of education can be achieved.

STAR School, New Kazian, Haripur is one of the examples of communities coming together to break the cycle of illiteracy.

Star School New Kazian, Haripur was set up in March 2019 for the underprivileged children who are the first in their families to ever attend a school, this is exactly how the cycle of generational illiteracy & poverty is disrupted. The children belong to the Hogan community and were never given the opportunity to access any type of education. Parents of our students are daily workers selling various products on the streets. Girls are normally tasked with taking care of houses and their younger siblings. In this school, 23 girls and 16 boys are now receiving education under an accelerated primary education program to help them catch up with lost years of education. They are also receiving basic religious education as well.

Now this STAR School, Haripur is providing these children to find the seed of potential, nurture their spark and offer them their space to grow. This investment in education will have a long-term impact, guaranteeing that future generations of children at Haripur Hogan community will have equal learning opportunities.

They have got off to an upright start, which will set them up for success in their schooling career here at school. Their parents are now hopeful their children will be able to break the cycle of generational literacy and will lead better lives.

‘This STAR School certainly tells a very good story. A story of evolution, a story of optimism, and a story of reassurance, particularly for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged Haripur, Hogan Community.’

It’s because of the support of the PAGE family that we have embarked on the education continuum! Please support our campaign to ensure the sustainability of the school so children can continue receiving the much-needed education.

Sania & Muqaddas

Here we believe in the simple notion; ‘Move ahead and never stop! If you have imagined it, you can achieve it’

We aim to empower students to build a future that fulfills their brightest dreams and boldest plans. This STAR School, Kazian, Haripur is built on the foundation of experience and research-backed advancements for more than 5000 students, our approach supports the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.

Ms. Tabbasum Rehman

Tabbasum Rehman is an accomplished social mobiliser and is proud of her ability to bring the out of school children to education! She says, “STAR School, Haripur is a place where children can explore, create, and be curious, and I am inspired here every day, and with her resolve we aim to earn a reputation as a leading objective progressive STAR school for this community.”


STAR School works closely with the parents of these communities by counseling them and encouraging them to participate in their child’s education and support them with obstacles they may face while sending them to school. STAR School Haripur has given them an opportunity to change their story!