“RAISING MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education because Kids are going to school hungry.”

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‘Empower Underprivileged Girls through your Zakat’

In the Holy Quran, 82 verses are associated with Zakat. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and it purifies wealth. It is not however the favor of the wealthy to the poor. Zakat is basically the right of the poor on the wealth of the wealthy.

What could be better than spending your zakat on educating a girl? Or feeding a hungry child? Or to build the capacity of the vulnerable communities?

PAGE ensures that the zakat reaches the neediest. Zakat, the purification of wealth, collected at PAGE Pakistan is spent on educating girls, feeding hungry children, and capacity building of the communities.

The children enrolled in Star Schools belong to families living in poverty and are verified through our system.

We can invest your Zakat in the 138 most deprived communities in Pakistan in a project of your choice.

1. Educate and Empower a deserving girl with your Zakat!

PAGE is dedicated to empowering girls and educating them. PAGE has established 138 STAR Schools in 55 most deprived districts of Pakistan with the highest number of Out of School children especially girls. Out of the total 5053 children enrolled, there are 2727 girls.

STAR Schools is an initiative to address the Out of School Children especially girls in Pakistan, in a holistic manner. This program offers a 3-year Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) at the Primary level.  STAR Schools are established in communities with a high number of Out of School Children especially girls. 

PAGE has also supported 17,212 out-of-school children as partners of the Million Kids to School program by providing basic school supplies including stationery, bags, uniforms.

During 2020, 4500 families of STAR School students and other community members have also been supported under the ration drive to provide food safety during the COVID period.

2. Feed a hungry child through the Feed a Paratha Program with your zakat!

In the STAR schools, most of the children come to school with empty stomachs because their parents do not have enough resources to provide them with breakfast. The Feed a Paratha program aims at providing breakfast to the hungry young student. Women of the communities provide freshly made parathas to the children and also establish their businesses. Hence, the children will get warm food and energy to get started with the learning in school.  And local women are trained and generate income.

3. Build Capacities of the most deprived and vulnerable communities with your zakat!

The 138 STAR Schools are present in 55 most deprived areas of Pakistan. The community members of such areas are deprived of basic needs. Including lack of access to clean drinking water. We are requesting Zakat funds to set up clean drinking water facilities in areas of need.  Your zakat can be used to install water filtration plants or water hand pumps so that the community members can have clean drinking water.

Imagine, how many girls and their families would give you prayers! Your zakat can make a long-term impact on the most deprived and vulnerable communities.

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Haleema and her siblings help their family financially by making buckles and by sorting paper leftovers and cardboard scraps. After working for a small amount of money, Haleema and her siblings go to STAR schools to get education free of cost.


Ms. Nabeelah Tahir

Nabeelah Tahir is PAGE foodpreneur of Star School Badia Qadir Bakhsh for Feed A Paratha talks about her economic challenges and how an income will help her.