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established since May 2019


“RAISING MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education because Kids are going to school hungry.”

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‘Lets empower our girls through education & nutrition’

At PAGE we believe that we can truly empower our girls through education. Unfortunately, 13 million girls under the age of 16 are out of school in Pakistan. The COVID 19 pandemic has worsened the situation forcing many more girls from underprivileged backgrounds to drop out of education permanently. Given the scale of the problem and lack of data, it may take us years to measure the true impact of the pandemic on girls’ education in Pakistan.

In May 2019, Star School, Badia Qadir Bakhsh,  Islamabad was set up in partnership with the Federal Directorate of Education, to help the girls living in the community access safe and free education and to provide them an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of their families.  In the school, we run a special program in the afternoon to help and support 38 girls who had never been to school before. Most girls in the school between the age of 10 – 13 also support their mothers as domestic helpers.  Some girls come from backgrounds where education for girls is prohibited. However, through our efforts, we have successfully engaged their families so these girls can study in a girls’ only environment. The school teacher Madiha is a dedicated teacher, making continuous efforts to support her students.

These are difficult times for girls and their families. Many of the families are daily wagers and have been the worse affected due to pandemic. To support the girls, PAGE has set up Feed a Paratha – a school feeding program to provide nutritious breakfast to girls. For this, a local lady has been engaged to cook parathas every morning. Feed a paratha has multiple benefits. It improves the nutrition of the students, taking pressure off families who are unable to provide even one meal a day to their children, giving children a positive start every day, and also provide financial independence to local women who are engaged as foodpreneur.


Khushma & Fahriha

Here we believe in the simple notion; ‘Move ahead and never stop! If you have imagined it, you can achieve it’

We aim to empower students to build a future that fulfills their brightest dreams and boldest plans. This STAR School is built on the foundation of experience and research-backed advancements for more than 5000 students, our approach supports the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.


Through STAR School, PAGE is building sustainable communities. Health & Nutrition supports the building of communities that are healthy and perform better in all aspects of life. Nutrition is also critical for good emotional and mental health. Star School Badia Qadir Bakhsh is based in a community that lives in poverty. Mothers of 2 students talk about their difficulties and what difference it will make for their children to have breakfast every morning.

Ms. Nabeelah Tahir

Nabeelah Tahir is PAGE foodpreneur of Star School Badia Qadir Bakhsh for Feed A Paratha. She is a mother of 7 children ( 5 daughters & 2 sons). Her husband is a labourer who lost his work due to COVID 19. They were already struggling to make ends meet and now due to pandemic, even survival seems impossible. Here she talks about her economic challenges and how an income will help her.