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19 Girls

16 Boys

established since 13th Feb 2020


“RAISING MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education because Kids are going to school hungry.”

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‘Scorching Days, Extremely Hot Kilns, Child Labor and High Rate of Out-of-school Girls in Billi Wala, Multan

According to the district-level estimates of out-of-school children, Multan has a total of 31.9% of out-of-school children. The percentage of out-of-school boys is 29.6% while the percentage of out-of-school girls is 34.4%. The situation of out-of-school children especially girls is alarming, hence, to bring a decline in this percentage, PAGE has created a school a STAR School in Billi Wala, Multan. STAR school Billi Wala provides education free of cost to a total of 35 children out of which there are 19 girls and 16 boys.

The STAR School in Billi Wala is created right next to the kiln. In Multan, the temperature in the summer season is naturally very high but due to the high heat emission from the kiln, the surroundings of STAR school Billi Wwala become extremely hot. The intensity of heat is so high that standing in the sun for a minute becomes extremely difficult. The strong yet burdened people of this area have no choice other than to work in the brick kilns.

During the visit of PAGE team members, the students were asked that what do they like the most about STAR school. One of the students shared that, she is happy to get an education at the STAR school and likes the fan of the school the most. A fan that may be an ordinary home appliance for some is a blessing for these children.

The students of this STAR school belong to one of the most destitute community. Poverty is deeply rooted in this area and almost all members of the family work in brick kilns. Their main priority is to earn enough to fill their stomachs. With minimal income resources, the residents are unable to send their children to school. STAR school is a place of leisure for children who are victims of child labor and are facing socioeconomic hardships along with their parents.

In the morning time, all the students who attend STAR School Billi Wwala work in brick kilns. The school starts at 1 pm for the convenience of the children. They study in the school for four hours. The staff members of PAGE shared that the teacher of these children is very hardworking. She puts in a lot of effort to educate the underprivileged children of Billi Wala.

Our PAGE Ambassador Rehana Choudhry has taken charge to fundraise for the STAR School Billi Wala, Multan.

The children of this STAR school are unable to have three meals a day but they do have big dreams!


Here we believe in the simple notion; ‘Move ahead and never stop! If you have imagined it, you can achieve it’

We aim to empower students to build a future that fulfills their brightest dreams and boldest plans. This STAR School is built on the foundation of experience and research-backed advancements for more than 5000 students, our approach supports the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.


STAR School works closely with the parents of these communities by counseling them and encouraging them to participate in their child’s education and support them with obstacles they may face while sending them to school. STAR School Sarai Kharbuza – I has given them an opportunity to change their story!

Ms. Shafiqa

STAR School teachers are motivated and are proud to educate children. These teachers help the children to be inspired and excited to learn.