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“RAISING MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education because Kids are going to school hungry.”

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‘Deprivation, Child Labor and Lack of Access to Education in Mansoora Bazaar’

Lahore, the 26th largest city in the world encloses some of the most deprived areas. Lahore has been declared as the “City of Literature” by UNESCO because it is a historic city that is rich in vibrant culture and heritage. The city has diverse economic activities including the manufacturing industry, steel, telecommunication, and others but unfortunately, it has some of the poorest areas as well. Mansoora is a small town in between the metropolitan city. The residents of this area have mostly migrated from nearby villages in search of better economic opportunities or sources of income.

In most families, all family members including the children work to make ends meet. The children are victims of Child Labor due to extreme poverty. Some of them work in milk shops, some work as helpers of mechanics and some sell vegetables at small vegetable shops. These families are unable to earn enough money to provide food three times a day. The children join hands with their parents to pay rent and to pay for their basic necessities. Child labor is very common in this area. Young girls also work with their mothers in homes as house cleaners to earn money.

The people of this area dream of providing education to their children but unfortunately, they are not able to do so. The government schools are very far away while the private schools are very expensive. STAR School Mansoora is a light in the darkness for the families living in Mansoora Bazaar, Lahore. STAR school Mansoora Bazaar, provides free education to the children of the area. The helpless parents who are unable to send their children to any school because of income constraints, send their children to STAR Schools. The STAR School Mansoora has a total of 30 children. Teacher Afshan Naz shared that almost all the children work in the mornings and then after work they come to STAR school Mansoora Bazaar to study. PAGE Pakistan provides uniforms, books, stationery and other essentials to the students as well.

Andleen Razzaq and her husband Mansoor Ahmed have taken charge to sponsor and raise funds for the STAR School Mansoora Bazaar, Lahore.


Here we believe in the simple notion; ‘Move ahead and never stop! If you have imagined it, you can achieve it’

We aim to empower students to build a future that fulfills their brightest dreams and boldest plans. This STAR School is built on the foundation of experience and research-backed advancements for more than 5000 students, our approach supports the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.


STAR School works closely with the parents of these communities by counseling them and encouraging them to participate in their child’s education and support them with obstacles they may face while sending them to school. STAR School Mansoora Bazar, Lahore has given them an opportunity to change their story!

Ms. Afshan Naz

STAR School teachers are motivated and are proud to educate children. These teachers help the children to be inspired and excited to learn.