Community Champions Programme

In Pakistan, at least 22.8 million children are out of school, of which 13 million of them are girls between the age of 5 – 16. At PAGE we are addressing this issue by initiating a plan to set up 100 Star Schools in 55 most deprived districts of Pakistan. Star Schools provide accelerated programs at Primary and Secondary level.  The initiative is part of the wider campaign to educate 1 million children who are Out of School, by American Refugee Committee and Government of Pakistan under the program Educate a Child.

We are reaching out to communities where there is a shortage of Government school facilities at Primary, Middle or Secondary Level.  By mobilising our local communities we can multiply the impact of our work and resources available.

We can not do this on our own. We need Community Champions to help us identify and reach out to communities, families and more importantly the girls. PAGE is actively engaging with local champions who want to promote and support girls education in their city, village, union council or district.

Our Community Champions are members of local communities who are passionate about empowering young girls in their local area through education.

We ask our Community Champions to support us in voluntary capacity to identifying young girls between the age of 5 – 16 who are out of education. We also ask our Champions to help us with identifying free community space that can be utilized to set up classes for girls.

If you are interested in signing up as a Champion then please fill out the application form on the link below.  Our team will contact you once we have received your details, to complete the process.

The application process details can be found at below link.