During my visits of Public sector schools especially in rural areas, I have found many schools with least number of girl students; on inquiry from their parents, it was disclosed that girls are to be engaged in household chores as their education was not their priority for their being less important. Secondly, girls are married at a tender age so in their parents view it is futile to teach them for their future lays in the kitchen and in the fields. This attitude of negligence is of grave concern rather I call it a crime being committed by illiterate parents.
We all know that the world is becoming a global village. Today it is the age of technological advancements and innovative miracles happening in our day to day lives. We can vividly identify that the foremost convergent phenomenon of change, around the globe, is education. Many scattered nations have acquired steadfast pace of progress and development in all spheres of life by strengthening their educational system and by utilizing their human resources in the most productive manner. We have witnessed such nations reaching to the pinnacle of success.
Over 197 million people make Pakistan, 6th largest populous country in the world. Women comprise 48.76% of the total population of Pakistan. If we analyse the literacy rate of Pakistan it has risen up to 60 % as per latest census. But gender wise literacy figures are eye-opening and alarming being Male 69% while the female is only 48%.
Pakistan’s prevailing socio-economic disasters are mainly due to this alarming illiteracy of a major fraction of its population. This is high time to educate our daughters being more or less half of the total population so that they can also play their fundamental role in the progress of their country. An educated girl lays the foundation of a healthy nation. She will be an agent of change in society. She will stay healthy as she knows the importance of healthy food; she saves money to run her house properly. She is the mother of future; an educated mother can focus on character building of her kids by inculcating ethical values in them. By doing this she can drive the nation towards success and progress. An educated girl not only rears a healthy nation but also plays her dynamic role in the economy of the country as well.

  • In the current scenario, we need to stimulate the efforts to promote girls education as it is the dire need of today. Following suggestions can be taken into consideration to heighten awareness.
  • Poverty being the root cause of keeping our girls deprived of healthy food and good education should be controlled by initiating steps by the government.
  • Parents must be given attractive incentives to encourage sending their girls to Government schools with free education.
  • Girls must also be taught vocational courses and technical training along with formal education to enable them that empower their families financially.
  • Mothers should be sensitized rigorously to play their role in fighting for the rights of their female children as they know very well being a woman that every flower that blossoms in the garden of life has equal right on the blessings of Allah Almighty regardless of its gender.
  • Social, print and electronic Media can also perform an essential and fruitful role by highlighting the curses of gender discrimination.

In the end, I would conclude by quoting a famous Hadith by our HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) that
‘Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim’
Irrespective of any gender discrimination, Our Holy Prophet has directed all Muslims to go for exploring the knowledge and wisdom. So this is our prime responsibility as a Muslim, that we don’t let anyone astray from learning and leading a better life as all girls deserve a prosperous life too.

Ms. Naheed Rashid
Education Officer Gujrat