Napoleon was once asked, what the great need of France was. He answered,” Nation’s progress is impossible without trained and educated mothers.
As known by most, education is the basic right of every human being despite of their gender. Education plays are vital and significant role in every possible dimension of life may it be personal development or economical development. Talking about girl’s education, if we see the records then unfortunately there is such a huge gap between literacy rate of females and males in Pakistan especially when it comes to backward areas. Have we ever wondered why is education becoming so hard for young girls just because they are born with this gender? Education is a matter for all and we really need to focus on our young girls and their right and education because they are the ones who will be holding future of our beloved country Pakistan. An educated female will bring/raise an educated and well-groomed family causing benefit to the society and on bigger level to the country. Right now our females are not fully aware of their rights because they are not literate because of some factors like outdated custom practices and mind sets, belonging to inferior areas and also importantly due to old rigid family norms where educating a girl is considered threat to males in the family. People forget that when a child is born in a family, during first 5 years of his/her life they are in sub-conscious state of mind where they only learn what they see around them and when that is full of negative energy due to lack of education and moral ethics in their surroundings then they will learn the same when they will grow up. A basic foundation of a child cannot be laid by a mother who is un-educated or is not fully aware of her rights . there are still people who think that basic education of a woman is to maintain the house hold and take care of the domestic affairs. If we see generally Women are so much hard working and enthusiastic about their aims and targets that they give more than their 100 % . From corporate to government sector there is no single area where women who have been provided with education are not or are unable to compete with men. Looking at some of the honorable mentions like BENAZEER BHUTTO,MALALA YOUSAFZAI, ARFA KAREEM, AAFIA SIDDIQUE and many more who have conquered and marked their place in huge areas not only on national level but also international just because they were given a chance and were supported by their loved ones to pursue their dreams and the output by these brace daughters is speaking for itself worldwide. Now this is the power of women we need to carry forward by educating every single girl in our country at all levels from rural to urban. Every girl deserves an equal opportunity of getting educated just as a boy gets in our country. Daughters are a blessing then why keep them from their basic right of education when they can conquer anything they wish for. Our under developed areas don’t have access to education and even when they do the schools are very far away from residential due to which parents who wants their girls to go to school can’t manage because of distance and also safety issues. Schools in our rural areas in such bad conditions that good teachers are not willing to teach there, there are no proper classes and resourceful means that can fulfill basics of getting education e.g books , notebooks, electricity, water, food etc. these are all simple things that contribute together to from a basic environment for an educational place where children are happy to come and happily get beneficial from education. There are multiple factors that needs to be addressed by our superiors at smaller or bigger level but at least we need to take a step for our girls for their better tomorrow. An educated girl can enlighten the whole society. Just imagine what would it be like our future generation children specifically girls, all going to school and working hard not only to develop a strong and moral self but also constructing themselves in contributing to our country success and developing us, bringing us to the top of the worldly affairs. Mentioning of the other major fences in female education is of getting them married at a very early age which is equal to a sin. Some powerful men forcefully engage parents of girls to get them married at an age where they really need to be studying. Such attitudes is not bearable and needs to stop and we can do it together by creating awareness among people who are less fortunate and less educated. It’s the right of every girl to have at least the basics of knowledge and education to thrive in their life. Our one of the main concerns should be to reach places and girls in those area of Pakistan which are totally under privileged and have no opportunity at all for education. Families should be bought in confidence and should be educated as well about their daughter’s education and how it is beneficial for them. For this to initiate, fully funded Scholarships specifically for girls should be granted specially on quota basis for less fortunate people from rural areas.
Looking at the broader picture if a married couple is educated then what a blessing it would be having better understanding , better family environment and more brain storming leading to better life decisions, that’s the power of equal education. Girls should have fundamental rights to education as this is what our religion teaches us as well, they are right holders to better tomorrow which can only be achieved by EDUCATION. Researches conducted at various levels worldwide have clearly identified the importance of girl’s education, it contributes not only to their well being but also people around them their families, communities and on bigger level to the country and its economy. Name one thing that girls can’t do if provided with right opportunities and resources. We need to join hands to spread awareness and implement some strategies to develop a better system than the existing one for our young capable girls who hold the future of our country and promise them a future fully blessed with equal opportunities as our male children holds.

Ms. Bushra Tariq
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