Islamabad: In a collaborative effort led by the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE), Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), and Roots Millennium, religious scholars from diverse backgrounds have come together to announce the Grand National Interfaith Dialogue on Girls’ Education scheduled for the end of April 2024.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education with support from the Council of Islamic Ideology and Roots Millennium, aims to spark a national conversation addressing the socio-cultural and religious challenges hindering the progress of girls’ education in Pakistan. To kickstart this dialogue, a planning meeting was convened at Roots Millennium Headquarters to discuss the agenda and logistics for the upcoming event. The meeting witnessed the participation of representatives from Muslim, Christian, Baha’i, and Hindu communities.

Chairman of CII, Dr. Qibla Ayaz, highlighted the significance of this initiative, stating, “Education is a fundamental right for every individual, regardless of gender or faith. By coming together, we can address the challenges and pave the way for a brighter future for girls in Pakistan.”

Together, PAGE and the Foundational Learning Hub will focus on developing evidence-based strategies to promote inclusivity and improve access to quality education for girls across Pakistan. We look forward to the collective impact we can achieve by working together to overcome barriers and create lasting change.

Ms. Fajer Rabia Pasha, Executive Director of PAGE, expressed her optimism towards the collaborative effort, stating, “This dialogue marks a crucial step towards fostering understanding and cooperation among religious communities in our pursuit of gender equity in education.”

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, Founder & CEO of Roots Millennium, emphasized the importance of collective action, stating, “We must join hands to ensure that every girl has access to quality education. Together, we can overcome the obstacles and create a more inclusive society.”

During the meeting, participants unanimously agreed on the urgent need to address the challenge of out-of-school girls and committed to working together to minimize this number. Additionally, it was highlighted that representatives from other religious communities would also be invited to participate in the National Dialogue on Girls’ Education.