Multi-Year Resilience Program (MYRP)

Funded by Education Cannot Wait (ECW), this program is spearheaded by a consortium of leading organizations, with PAGE under the lead of Partner Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), acting as a gender-led organization (GLO) and technical partner on mental health, psychosocial support, and nutrition.

Lead GuaranteeConsortium Partners/Sub-Guarantees
  • Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education, PAGE (GLO)
  • Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS)
  • Idara Taleem o Agahee (ITA)
  • Taraqee Foundation (TF)
  • Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP)
Rural Support Program Network (RSPN)
  • Baluchistan Rural Support Progamme (BRSP)



Financed By

Education Cannot Wait

Total Funding (PKR)


Project Duration

Jun 2022 – Dec 2024


To ensure participation of


Children/Person living with Disablitiy (PWDs)




Minority and Transgender

Target Areas


  • To train ECE teachers around MHPSS – (Target 40 | Achievement 40)

  • To train ECE teachers around SHNP – (Target 40 | Achievement 24)

  • To train CLP teachers around MHPSS – (Target 60 | Achievement 60)

  • To train CLP teachers around SHNP – (Target 60 | Achievement 60)

  • Training Manual development around MHPSS – (Target 220 | Achievement 220)

  • Consortium partner gender focal person trained of social inclusion and gender – (Target | Achievement 40)

  • Training Manual development around SHNP – (Target 220 | Achievement 220)

  • Development of Referral Directory/ Tool kit – (Target 220| Achievement 220)

  • Development of S.I.G training Manual – (Target 70 | Achievement 70)0

  • Development of I.E.C Material (3 Charts each school) – (Target 660| Achievement 660)


The MYRP equips educators and strengthens the education system in targeted areas of Pakistan
to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment for all children. Here’s a look at the key
components driving this initiative:

Teacher Training

Equipping Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Community Learning Program (CLP) teachers with essential skills:

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS): Empowering teachers to identify and address students’ mental health needs, fostering a supportive classroom environment.
  • School Health Nutrition Program (SHNP): Enhancing teachers’ knowledge on promoting student health and well-being through proper nutrition practices.

Resource Development

Creating valuable tools and resources to support educators and students:

  • Training Manuals: Comprehensive guides on MHPSS and SHNP, providing teachers with practical strategies and best practices.
  • Referral Directory/Toolkit: A critical resource for educators to connect students with appropriate support services if needed.
  • Social Inclusion and Gender Training Manual: Equipping consortium partners to champion inclusivity and gender equality within the program.
  • S.I.G. Training Manual: Guiding the Social Inclusion Working Group in their efforts to promote inclusion for marginalized communities.
  • IEC Materials: Engaging information, education, and communication materials displayed in schools to raise awareness about mental health, well-being, and social inclusion.


Focal Person

Ms. Shaista Jatoi | Program Manager