The world is excelling in every field of life. Unfortunately, our society is still caught up in the dilemma which is cemented with old values and conservative mindsets. Paved with a hard line conception whether our daughters should study or not? Should we educate our women? After providing access to inculcation will our daughters or sisters be in their confines? And many such doubts are occupant in everyone’s mind. Some speak up their thoughts while some keep these conceptions in their own minds. On contrary, some of the people in our country are in opposition to women empowerment and they opt not to educate a woman. Yet, at the same time every person of society wants a peaceful, literate and prosperous society. Here the question arises! Is it possible? Is it easy to run a prosperous and sophisticated society without having literate women?

A woman has multiple roles to fulfill such as she is a mother, she is a daughter, she is a sister and she is a wife, all at the same time. She plays a vital roles in our lives in terms of our development, so without giving her right to education who can imagine a fruitful future generation? Now if we visually perceive a role of women as mother we all know that her lap is a very first learning place for her baby. But in case she herself is not knowledgeable how can she give a gentle and well-mannered generation? How can her child have a positive posture? How can she prepare them for upcoming challenges which they have to face in their lives especially in this scientific era? There is a list of questions like these that how can an uneducated mother uproar a child for today’s world.

According to the recent statistics the current population of female is 49.2 %. So if we keep our women analphabetic, half of the population of Pakistan is illiterate and with the remaining 50% of population would it be easy to face the world and its challenges in 21st century? Is it really possible? By educating women we will not only get a well-informed generation but on the other hand, we can also manage the economic and health crisis as a result improving the overall economic outlook. An educated woman not only supports her husband or father in earning and breaking the cycles of poverty but also facilitates them by providing input on how to invest,where to preserve resources, and with these commands she can run her domicile smoothly. She can deal with health and medical issues, if she is aware of the importance of healthy life, she can take care of her children, her spouse and other family members from any type of unhygienic and unhealthy environment, food, places to keep them healthy and safe. Hence, we should spread awareness through educating women.

Throughout our lives education is considered subsidiary in every field and every phase for both men and women.Nevertheless it becomes compulsory for women because when we edify women we educate a nation as well as a generation. Lastly, the potential of every woman should be realized and its high time we have to transmute our mind sets; we must push forth to contemplate women empowerment. We have to let our women study as a literate woman is the greatest pillar of stability for a nation. A woman is the most immensely colossal and lapped reservoir of aptitude and potential in the world. We just have to realize this fact and accept it for the prosperity of mankind.So don’t think that a woman is simply just a woman, no she’s not, she’s an ambassador of coming generations. As by subjugating women we cannot reach a constructive outcome.