Aspiring to put a smile on a Girls’ face?

“A harvest of peace is produced from the seed of contentment’

Become Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education Ambassador! 

‘This program is designed for the individuals who have the spark to become a changemaker for a better world’

 Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education launched Pakistan First Girls Education Ambassadors Program to bring together — the men and women who dream of a better Pakistan, those who want to support the development with us and to be a part of this ambitious drive and lend their talent, voice and skills to shine a light in the world of girls illiteracy. PAGE Global Ambassador Programme is a network of nearly 50 individuals across the globe working together to end the global education crisis.  It is the go-to program for all the change makers who want to be at the centre of the future of education. 

 Our Ambassadors are the torchbearers – they shoulder the responsibility of advocating for girls’ education through community engagement and interaction. They are expected to be illuminating role models, concerned with stimulating girls’ education by mobilising people and resources towards the dream of achieving education for every little girl. We engage wider communities to stay connected with our girls, help them stay focused on academic and career goals and feel supported socially, culturally and academically. This broader community includes individuals from corporations, health care facilities, start-up businesses, law firms, non-profit organisations,  small businesses, entrepreneurs, government entities and more, and our program would not happen without these amazing people.

The aim of the ambassador program is to create a sustained global community, where we invite like-minded people to come together to introduce new skills, make new friends, and continue to support PAGE Girls Education programs. Through the Global Ambassador Program, PAGE is creating a channel of Girls Education for the aspired global leaders to promote and support Girls Education in Pakistan.

The current Ambassadors have helped mobilised communities to ensure that every girl is able to go to school, without danger or discrimination. With the support of our existing ambassador network, we have also executed various remarkable campaigns on girls’ education, with many of them volunteering to host screenings, trainings, resource mobilisation, raise funding and awareness sessions in various schools across Pakistan.

 It is a significant and meaningful voluntary position with an initial commitment of one year and to raise at least $5300 / £4000 over the period of one year. However, we encourage our Ambassadors to remain part of our community for as long as possible. We hope to build a network of dreamers and doers who are looking for the chance to dream and do, to have an idea and carry it forward with the passion and indomitable spirit that we at PAGE also have for cultivating girls’ education!

 More details on the profiles of our growing list of ambassadors and the application process can be found at below links.