In a joyous ceremony held at IMSG G-7/2,  Islamabad, the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) celebrated a momentous achievement—winning the UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education 2023. The event was attended by key dignitaries, including the honorable Minister for Education, Ali Madad Sindhi, Federal Secretary Mr. Waseem Ajmal, Representative UNESCO Ms. Cristina Menegazzi, Secretary General PNCU Ms. Razia Ramzan Dossa, PAGE partners, parents, and students.

The honorable Minister for Education, Ali Madad Sindhi, expressed his elation, stating, “Today’s event is very special because one of our sisters, Ms. Fajer Rabia Pasha, through her organization ‘Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education,’ has successfully fulfilled her right to be a daughter of Pakistan by providing women’s education to our daughters. We are proud of our daughter, her institution, and the commendable efforts of the people working there. The UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education 2023 is a testament to their dedication in setting up schools for girls and equipping them with the jewel of knowledge. This award, presented by the First Lady of China, marks a significant milestone in promoting girls’ education.”

Executive Director of PAGE, Ms. Fajer Rabia Pasha, highlighted the profound significance of the award, saying, “Today’s event marks not just the celebration of an award but the honor of a cause that transcends accolades—a cause that propels nations forward, empowers communities, and transforms lives: the education of girls and women. We stand here today with immense pride as recipients of the 2023 UNESCO Award for Girls and Women’s Education. This recognition is a testament to our collective dedication to advancing equity and opportunity for all. I extend heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Education, and the Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO for their unwavering support throughout the application and nomination process.”

During the ceremony, the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) took a moment to showcase the resilience and determination of its successful students enrolled in Star Schools. These inspiring students, accompanied by their proud mothers, shared firsthand accounts of the hardships they faced during their study years. The proud mothers of the students also took the opportunity to share the challenges they confront daily to send their young daughters to school, especially amidst economic hardships.

This prestigious award not only recognizes the outstanding contributions of PAGE but also underscores the importance of promoting girls’ education in Pakistan. PAGE remains committed to its mission of empowering girls and women through education, and this accolade serves as a catalyst for continued efforts in advancing equity and opportunity for all.