RewirEd & PAGE Experiment – Girls as Leaders of Tomorrow

The event is scheduled to take place between 1st November – 3rd November, 2021.

Girls Education Challenge

The first event is a 3-day National event comprising of workshops to understand the problem and to come up with solutions at the policy and program level. The students will register themselves in the form of groups. Each group will consist of 3-4 students. They will get the opportunity to either participate in the Girls Education Policy Challenge or Girls Education Program Challenge. During the first two days, the students will gain knowledge through the sessions conducted by the speakers. After two days of the workshop, the students will get one day for preparation (this will not be counted in the actual 3 days). The third day would be the day where the participants will present their policy reforms or program implementation ideas.

Day 1: Workshop on Exploring problem, understanding the issue, and studying global examples

The speakers will conduct sessions on exploring problem, understanding the issue, and studying global examples of countries where similar girls’ education problems existed. The interactive sessions will allow the students to share their experiences, opinions and perspectives in terms of Girls Education.

The feedback of the students will be recorded for inclusion in the discussions with parliamentarians and stakeholders.

Day 2: Workshop on Analyzing National Education Policy and Sector Education Plans

 The speakers will conduct sessions on Analyzing Education Policy and Sector Education Plans. They will educate and aware the students on the status quo of girls’ education in Pakistan while analyzing the National Education Policy and Sector Education Plans. The policy and implementation gaps will be identified and the students will recommend policy reforms and improved implementation strategies.

This will help the students in building the basis of the Girls Education Challenge.

Day 3: Girls Education Policy Challenge and Girls Education Program Challenge

Girls Education Policy Challenge

In the Girls Education Policy Challenge, each group of students will present policy reforms to improve the status of girls’ education in Pakistan. A panel of judges would listen to the policy recommendations or policy reforms and will critically judge each team. The judges will then pick two winning teams. Each winning team will be awarded with PKR 50,000.

Girls Education Program Challenge

In the Girls Education Program Challenge, each group will come up with a brief project proposal with a budget of PKR 100,000 focused in their community. Each group will have to present the implementation strategy of their intervention and they will also describe the impact they intend to create with their intervention.

The judges will select two winning groups. The winning groups will be awarded PKR 100,000 which they will utilize to implement their project idea in their respective communities to improve the status of girls’ education.

By participating in the “Girls as Leader’s of Tomorrow Workshop”, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Understand the prevalence of the Problem, core pillars of project implementation, and policy formulation
  • Learn on ground realities especially at the grass-roots level
  • Explore global examples
  • Take part in an interactive discussion with high-profile speakers and participants
  • Understand policy formulation and implementation surrounding girls’ education
  • Contribute to policy recommendations
  • Get access to girls’ education statistics

By competing in the “Girls Education Challenge”, you will get the opportunity to:

  1. Propose a policy to address the low literacy rates of females
  2. Propose a project designed by yourself that can be implemented in your community
  3. Utilize cash prize of PKR 50K for your research and PKR 100K for your project (in case of winning)
  4. Get feedback from the panel of judges

The registrations for the Youth Workshop are closed now!


Please adhere to the following guidelines while writing your policy/program proposals.

  1. Format

Please use “Times New Roman” as your font style. Use font size “14” for the headings and “12” for the main text. Line spacing to be followed shall be 1.5 and referencing must be done in APA format. “Centre Alignment” must be selected for the first page, “left alignment” for the content on second page and “justified” alignment for the remaining content of your proposal.

The first page of your proposals must contain your name, the name of your institution, your city and the submission date i.e. 5 pm on the 8th of November. The second page of your proposals must contain “table of contents”.  Page numbers must be added to all pages at top right corner.

  1. Word Limit

The word limit for policy and project proposals is 1000-3000 words (around 2-3 pages).

  1. Content
  • Your proposals must clearly define one specific problem related to Girls’ Education that you shall be making a policy on or designing a program for.
  • The motives, goals and objectives of your policy or program must also be mentioned separately in a comprehensive manner.
  • In an elaborated way please also mention how you intend spending the grant (PKR 50,000 for policy proposal winners and PKR 100,000 for program proposal winners) that you receive in case of winning, the relevant entities/organisations that you shall be working in coordination with in order to achieve your stated goals and objectives and also the rough time limit that shall be required for implementing each goal/objective.
  • The limitations of your policy or proposal must be outlined.
  • The significance that your policy or proposal has for Girls’ Education must also be described clearly.
  • Send your proposals to:

We hope that it will be a valuable learning experience for you!