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Stakeholder Consultation

A one-day event where the Parliamentarians, Federal Ministry of Education along with other donor bodies will participate to discuss and formulate policy recommendations and reforms to be included in the National Action Plan for Girls Education that can guide and inform policy makers, donors and key stakeholders for quick budgeting decisions and targeted need based program interventions to help address some of the key barriers to girls education.

PAGE will carry out an opening session where they will present the data sets on Girls Education in Pakistan and progress of the previous two workshops and the Girls Education Challenge. The representatives from the parliament and donor bodies will provide input, suggestions and will move towards formulation of a National Action Plan.

Agenda Points of the Stakeholder Consultation:

  • What the National Action Plan should look like?
  • What are the policy recommendations for improving status of girls’ education across Pakistan?
  • What interventions are essential for a long-term impact on the status of girls’ education?
  • Opinions, suggestions and ideas

The stakeholder consultation will be the wrapping of the workshops where the policymakers will discuss and suggest approaches to addressing the systematic gaps such as budgeting for Girls Education that has been raised to bring it to the agenda of the government. The stakeholders may suggest multiple potential paths forward to improve the status of girls’ education in Pakistan. After the consultation, the National Action Plan for Girls Education will be put together.

The event will take place on the 9th and 10th of November.

Those of you who are residing in Islamabad or traveling to Islamabad on the 9th of November can physically be a part of the event. However, to cater to the ones not physically present the Consultation shall be held virtually on the 10th of November.



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