We are pleased to announce that IDRF and PAGE have signed an agreement, under which both parties have agreed to work together on the provision of “Temporary Learning Centers for Children in Flood Affected Regions of Sindh and Baluchistan.”

The education sector is significantly impacted by the flood. Unfortunately, the flood-hit areas already had many out-of-school children, especially girls living in extreme poverty. Therefore, PAGE will establish 42 TLCs in flood-hit districts of Sindh and Balochistan in collaboration with IDRF, offering educational and mental health activities to 1,260 students, at least 50% of whom will be girls. PAGE will employ local teachers to educate students every day for three hours while implementing a non-formal curriculum at the primary level in order to restore some normalcy to children who have been traumatised and impacted by the floods. Sports sessions will also be delivered to the children by sports teachers.