The word Education means “the process of imparting knowledge, skills and judgment between right and wrong”.  In this age, education is one important tool to differentiate amongst human beings and animals. It doesn’t only teach us the skills, imparting knowledge but also addresses that how we can live in society which is diverse. Education is important for both men and women. But Women Education! This word might give a sense of education to women but it actually means “Education to a Nation ‘’, as it is commonly said: Educating a woman is like educating the entire family.

According to the A-37, constitution of the Pakistan women’s education is the fundamental right of every female citizen, but gender discrepancies still exist in the educational sectors. Education plays very important role in our lives but women education is more prior as being important tool of achieving good self-respect. There are still some deprived areas where women are meant to live a domestic life only, they are not allowed to get education has become the culture of some of the societies. In few of the areas, women are allowed to get education but they have limited options to choose and pursue their professional career. They don’t know that other professional careers do exist for a female beyond the medical career and we lack the quota of female seats for various jobs. People who don’t know the worth of educating a woman do suffer a lot. These days education is more likely to have degrees but it includes your ethics, norms, culture, and behavior too.

A woman is strong until she doesn’t want to be a weak. She can make each and everything come about as planned and improvise it accordingly. Education enhances a woman’s (and her partner and the family’s) level of health as it enhances her level of awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, women are bound to live a domestic life only, they are not allowed to get education as it has become the culture of some of the societies, as well as an increased likelihood to remain single, have no children, or have no formal marriage and alternatively, have increasing levels of long-term partnerships. A woman has a lot of things to manage but only if she is educated she will be managing them in a proper way, giving her child (infant) pre- learning which includes how to speak out the words like Mu Ma (Muma), Ba Ba (Baba). This is how she grooms her child and helps them by putting in proper way towards learning or getting education. Education can help a woman to participate in political and social sciences to raise their voices against the rights which have been stolen by others.

There are economic benefits of women education as, Pakistan can achieve social and human development, and gender equality. A large number of empirical studies have revealed that increase in women’s education boosts their wages and that returns to education for women are frequently larger than that of men. Increase in the level of female education improves human development outcomes such as child survival, health and schooling. Lower female education has a negative impact on economic growth as it lowers the average level of human capital. Developmental Economists argue that in developing countries female education reduces fertility, infant mortality and increases children’s education. Gender inequality in education directly and significantly affects economic growth. “Education is proven as an educational weapon for our next generations.’’