The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) have agreed to collaborate to improve the status of girls’ education through innovative programmes, projects and research methodologies.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Ikramul Haq, Secretary-CII and Fajer Rabia Pasha, Executive Director PAGE in the presence of Chairman CII Dr. Qibla Ayaz Monday here.

The cooperation between CII and PAGE will complement each other’s efforts by co-creating meaningful linkages, purposeful partnerships and developing a shared vision for ensuring education accessible for girls across the country. Innovative projects will be launched jointly to ensure quality girls’ education besides sharing of knowledge, expertise in strengthening this mutual collaboration.

“Girls education is regarded as one of the pivotal factors for political, social and economic development of a society and our religion Islam is the proponent of peace and education without gender discrimination. If girls are neglected, maltreated and denied basic education, then our future would not be optimistic,” says Fajar Rabia Pasha, Executive Director-PAGE.

Chairman CII Qibla Ayaz said that that an effective advocacy effort should emerge from local networks and support for purposeful, active and effective representation and mentoring of girls across Pakistan. “We should also look for ways to implement principle of equality in Islam within the context of educational policy-making, legislation and oversight processes. This may require adoption of explicit Constitutional provisions, policies, budgets, services and temporary special measures as well as the creation of monitoring mechanisms,” he added.