We were honored to welcome Ms. Yuko Kuno- Representative of JICA Pakistan and ALP Center, Mr. Sakimoto Taishi- Senior Country Officer South Asia Division 2, Ms. Chiho Ohashi- Chief Advisor (JICA-AQAL Project), Mr. Abid Gill- Deputy Chief Advisor (JICA-AQAL Project), Mr. Bilal Aziz- Programme Specialist (JICA-AQAL Project), Mr. Nadeem Qadri- Coordinator (ICT) (JICA-AQAL Project), and Ms. Memoona Tariq- Training Officer (JICA-AQAL Project).

The delegation visited 2 Star Schools in Afghan Basti I-12 Islamabad. The students and teachers welcomed them cordially and with great enthusiasm shared their experience at Star school, and the challenges they face in order to attain education and their aspirations. They engaged with the students, their parents, and teachers, and appreciated the students’ participation in different learning activities.

They also visited community houses and interacted with the families. During the visit, Ms. Fajer Rabia Pasha presented the shield to Ms. Yuko Kuno and Mr. Sakimoto Taishi to appreciate the long-term partnership between PAGE and JICA.