The Out-of-School Children Project, a collaboration between the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) and the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC), focuses on enrolling out-of-school children in Karachi. Launched in March 2022 and running until December 2024, this initiative provides a safe and nurturing environment for 150 students through the establishment of five non-formal educational centers. By offering a non-formal, accelerated curriculum, the OOSC project bridges the education gap and provides a chance for a better future for those students who have never been to school before.



Financed By

Turkish Red Crescent

Total Funding (PKR)


Project Duration

March 2022 – Dec 2024



NFE Centers to complete the primary-level education of


Out-of-School Children



Establishment of Educational Centers

  • Establishment of 5 educational centers
  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements from relevant authorities during program implementation.

Non-Formal Education Provision

  • Targets out-of-school children, ensuring access to education for those who may have missed formal schooling.
  • Offers a non-formal, accelerated curriculum designed to quickly bridge learning gaps and equip students with essential skills.

Capacity Building

Build the capacity of academic staff for effective teaching and assessment of learning in non-formal education centers

Safety and Security Measures

  • Ensure the occupational safety and security of children and staff in the educational centers.
  • Implement measures to prevent misuse of the centers.
  • Manage any security incidents that might occur within
    the centers.

Accountability and Liability

Take all necessary precautions to protect the privacy, safety, and security of beneficiary children as their personal information is required, processed, and shared.


Focal Person

Mr. Shair Ali Hasrat | Program Manager