WEE Matter

Why Women Educational Enterprise Development Programme?

We believe in the power of educated and skilled women. We believe that women with access to education, training, and economic opportunities can rid Pakistan of the economic deprivation.

We know that an economically empowered woman will reduce the rate of mal-nutrition children in Pakistan, will drastically reduce child mortality rate, will increase the number of children in education, will have a greater impact on girls education ensuring girls stay in education for longer and in return reduce the number of girls forced into early marriage. All in all, supporting the economic empowerment of women has the potential to create change and bring prosperity to Pakistan.

Encouraging women entrepreneurship at all levels will address a number of challenges. 1.5 million new jobs will need to be created every year to reduce the unemployment rate. The Pakistan Vision 2025 clearly highlights and states “ An entrepreneurial private sector that can generate the required number of jobs needs to be supported and developed. Women entrepreneurs can make a visible difference to that if supported.

Pakistan also faces multiple education challenges including nearly half of our children between the age of 5 – 16 not in education, poor quality of learning in schools and lack of infrastructure. There is also a desperate need to promote innovation & creativity through creating platforms so new ideas can flourish.

So what better way to address all of the above. Wee Matter is therefore especially designed to address educational issues of Pakistan through Women Entrepreneurship.

Through WEE Matter we aim to support women entrepreneurs running startups within the educational field. May that be through schools, Tuition centers, Academies, After School Clubs, vocational training centers or so on. If your venture imparts training and education or is working to develop skills of children and adults then you may qualify for the 8 step support program.

Our program supports and is in line with the 7 priorities of Pakistan Vision 2025 Women empowerment, Sustainable Development Goal 5 and Sustainable Development Goal 1(poverty eradication).

8 Step Support Program

0Basic businessConventional revenue generating business
1Digital presenceBusiness with website and social media presence
2Presence managementManaging online presence effectively
3ICT efficientImplementation and utilization of business efficiency tools and technologies (accounting software, ERP, CRM, HR management, Inventory, Point of Sale system, etc.)
4ICT managementHave trained employees for best use of available ICT infrastructure
5Organization developmentOrganization structure with properly defined board, management and key employee job descriptions
6Sufficient infrastructureAll required infrastructure include furniture & fixture, machinery, etc.
7Access to financeIdentify capital required for all available options (investment, financing, grant, private equity, etc.)
8GrowthOpen evaluation for any other required support for business


To be eligible for support:

  • Your startup must be founded or co-founded by a woman
  • It must impart learning, education or vocational skills to any age group
  • Be able to provide financial statements for minimum 6 months ( please contact member of team for further information if required)
  • Be able to provide Incorporation Certificate or partnership deed
  • Proof of business address ( a copy of lease agreement/rent agreement)
  • Proof of Identity ( Copy of your CNIC )

The Process

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All applicants must complete the Pre – Assessment form. Only duly completed forms will be taken into consideration. For further help and support please contact us on info@page.org.pk

Please note:

  • Only Startups approved will be invited to register for the program. Rs 2000 registration fee is applicable at this point before an application can be further processed.
  • Registering for the program does not guarantee support. Once registered Startups will go through a detailed assessment and support approval from the donor’s regional committee – Please refer to Process Flow Chart
  • Applications will be processed on first come first basis until we have reached our maximum allocation of the Capability Development Fund.
  • Further program documents will be shared with the startup who successfully complete the Pre-Assessment process